Friday, February 20, 2009

Dance - One Of These Nights - feedback/responses.

My new dance - One Of These Nights – Song by the Eagles

Amy, love the dance, easy to follow! once you explained the last four counts it was easy. it should be fun! thank you for putting me on your mailing!
Regards, Donna(US)


I just taught it to myself now . It s cool I like it a lot!!!


AMy I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......I've got the music on the Eagles' The Very Best of... album. 4.51min and yes Warner Bros. Is that the correct version? Or is it a different version? :-)I'm so slow I haven't looked at the others you sent! hahahahaLoveYu Puay(Malaysia)


Thanks Amy
My oh my, keep sending....regardsKenny(Malaysia)

I really like this one.

Thanks Amy



Back when disco was hot, this was one of my favorite songs. Oh Yeah I had it all going on, the platform shoes, the polyester designed shirts with the wide collar and of course the matching polyester pants ( lots of color ), I was a walking jewlery shop, and the hair ( THEN I did have the most beautiful hair ). Yeah baby I was a movin' to what was a groovin'. John Travolta didn't have nothin' on me. Oh about the dance yes I liked it.
Sorry 'bout the stroll down memory lane.


Hi Amy,

So happened that I am watching your you-tube during my lunch time, my finance manager saw requested me to forward this dance to her, she wanted to join the beginner class, so I introduced her to my teacher, Alene Chang, I guess you know her also, she is conducting a beginner class just a few floors down from my office only.
cheryl tham (Malaysia)


I thought, was very good.



Hi Amy, Very cute nice beginner's dance! Having different parts adds neat challenges. We love the Eagles. Would you please email the stepsheet to me when you get a chance? Thanks so much.

Hey Amy,

Thanks for sending me the video. I love the dance. Will teach it in class.

Take care,

Hi Christian,
I would very much appreciate it if I can get One Of These Night music with your dancing. It look like would be a good dance for the beginner students.
By the way, I'll be teaching Feel The Cha tomorrow to my beginner students.
Thank you very for your great work.
Limay Flavell
SuenKathy Line Dance Instructor

valoha Amy,
This is Grace from Hawaii. How are you. We are still loving "Don't Cha" dance here. It is onc of our group performance dances. Your instructional dance videos are one of the best on youtube. I enjoyed watching all of them. Please send me a clip of the subject dance with music if you could. I love to teach this one to my senior group.
Thank you so much. Hope to see you @ Vegas Explosion...

My New Dance - FEEL THE CHA - feedback/reponses.

Hey Amy!

I taught feel the cha in class this past friday and they loved it!

Thank you,



Thanks Amy, Looks like a good easy dance and if the music is good, then they will like it. Thanks again. See you in Ft. Wayne.

Looks good gurl. Thanks. :-)


Hi Amy,Thanks for all your beginner dances. I’ve been asked to teach in a studio and will be starting my first beginner’s class in March. Your dances will definitely help.Any tips for a first time teacher?Rgds,Siew Lee


Hi, I'm taking the new one tonight to class.
Well gotta go. Doris

You have a lot of inspiration......

Morning Amy,
Could you send me the music for your new latin dance.
Womanizer2 went over really well with the class. You’re definitely right sometimes just have to find something a little more than just the classic beginner stuff.

See ya Saturday.

Andy Williams

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I found that there were not many beginner dances that would appeal to 'today's' dancers.

So,..... I wrote a bunch of dances for my students. Each dance was written to teach them new dance steps, like the Shuffles and Coasters,...etc.....

1) Womanizer 2. Music: Womanizer by Britney Spears.
(Rocking Chair, Toe Struts, Mambo Steps and Jazz Box)

2) Keeps Getting Better. Music: Keeps Getting Better by Christina Aguilera.
(Vines with Bumps)

3) When I Grow Up 2. Music: When I Grow Up by Pussycat Dolls.
(Coaster Step)

4) Feel The Cha. Music: El Bodegureo by Emmanual.
(Forward and Back Shuffles)

5) Closer. Music: Closer by Ne-Yo.
(Turning Jazz Box)

6) Please Dont Stop The Music. Music: Please Don't Stop The Music by Rihanna.
(Coaster Step)

7) No Can Do. Music: I Can't Go For That by Hall & Oates or Donny Osmond.
(Bumps, Rocking Chair)

8) One Of These Nights. Music: One Of These Nights by The Eagles.
(Coaster Steps, some cool alternative steps)

9) I Don't Feel Like Dancin'.
(Kickball Change)

10) Long Train Runnin'
(Skate Steps, Sailor Steps)

11) Baby Dhoom (Easy Beginner).

These are new Intermediate dances.

12) Let Me Blow Ya Mind (Intermeidate). Music: Let Me Blow Ya Mind by Eve feat Gwen

13) Gotta Dance (Intermediate). Music: Dance All Nite (Don't Stop) by Janet Jackson

Newest dance!

14) Disturbia (High Beginner/Easy Intermediate). Music: Disturbia by Rihanna.

Step sheets and video clips will be posted out soon! Or ask me for them! :)

More to come!