Sunday, April 26, 2009


Thank you, my dear friends for your kind words and warm friendship!
I love teaching dance and writing dances and mostly, .....I love to see the joy it brings to the dancer!
I have got to know such lovely people through Line Dance and I am grateful for the wonderful friendships.
Your encouraging words mean so much to me!!!
Thank you for taking the time to write me.
Love you guys!!!

Here are some of the messages from friends and some people, I have yet to meet.

From Denise - Celebrate Dance event - Canada - September 2011
Are You Ready? by Amy Christian-Sohn. My favorite dance of the weekend!! Still needs a little practice on all the hand parts, but Amy was amazingly gracious in going over it with us anytime we ran into her.

I wanted to take Amy's Are you Ready?, a dance continuing the line of "Feels So Good" and "Jai Ho", except that this one took it to the next level - more leaborate and intricate - unfortunatley it was taught at lunchtime. :(

"I LOVE.. Are You Ready?, also love Amys' dances!!!!!! We don't do enough of them!"
Barb Schultz

"Some of us went to a dinner dance last Saturday... many of the dances are ones we do not know, it is a nSoul Line group, so we have to improvise and do dances that we know to fit their music... We were thrilled that we could do Black Magic to many of the songs and we also did Chatelaine to a couple of them.. the rhythm is a little different with their music, so our choices are limited.. We also did Marvin's Groove to the correct song... Surprised us when they played it. LOLOL! We did our Amy dances to some really different music... Thaought you would like to know how versatile your dances were for us..."

Amy,... Just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know it went AMAZING! I taught it and we danced it twice and finished at 4:51.... Were supposed to end at 4:50... How's that for prfect timing!!! Everybody love it, there were 40 people and they pretty much all had it by the end!
I didn't get to tape it as they needed me dancing and the door monitor was hasseling me to hurry and finish but Debbie McLaughlin and Sheila wanted to dance it again, so we went into a smaller practice room and did it and Joey Warren, who hd only watched the last half, wanted to learn the whole thing... So I'll have a video up for you later for the four of us dancing it and then Lill tape it tonight hopefully during open dancing.
I don't think I've ever had a better class in terms of the number of people who remembered it all... They weren't thrown by the sequence or anu=ything... They didn't really get the ending, but i figure that will come later.
Anyways,.. thanks so much for lettimg me teach it, had a blast and had a TON of people poke their heads in and watch and want to learn it.

You rock!
Tajali Hall - JG Marathon 2011 - NC

Amy's Are You Ready? was tougher, but ... what a cool dance!!!
Sue Hall

"Feels So Good is one of my all-time favorite dances, and dancing it with you Saturday night (Sunday morning) was a highlight for me at Windy City!"
Karen - Oct '09.

(By YouTube video of dance: Amame)
Hi Amy

Fantastic teaching. This is one dance I have been trying very hard and now able to succeed with your help. Like your style of teaching every 2 eighths.

(24th July '09)
"Hubby and I just started couples lessons on Sun or I would have LOVED to attend your class. I really enjoyed it when I attended the class of yours. You are a very good teacher and very enthusiastic."

(22th July '09)
Hi Amy,
You are not only a good choregrapher, are also a good friend to all the line dancers.


(12th July '09) Amy,
Wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience in your classes this weekend - Marathon Dance Event - North Carolina.
Roger and I enjoyed your dances and will work on them this week.

What a lovely young lady you are.

Thank you also for the cd of your music. That was a really great surprise and a treat for us to receive music from anyone.

Will see you in Tampa and will keep checking in on your site weekly.
Gotta Dance here too.


(17th June '09)
SUBJECT: JAI HO/Amy Christian-Sohn
FROM: Dede & Tonya (PA)
After watching last weeks So You Think You Can Dance and Caitlin & Jason's Bollywood number to Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire we just had to learn Jai Ho by Amy Christian-Sohn!
We weren't disappointed with the Bollywood feel of Amy's choreography...LOVED IT!
"Bollywood Dancing is one of the hottest dances around! It is the basis of every great Indian Bollywood Film.
The dances are a fusion of traditional and classical Indian dances with the influence of some jazz, hip-hop and modern dance.
This Lively form of dance encourages movement of all parts of the body giving it a good workout!
It's great fun, a great workout and a great way to relieve stress!"
If you are looking to escape from reality into the world of should try Jai Ho by Amy Christian-Sohn you won't be disappointed!

(9th June ‘09)
Hi Amy,
My name is Anita and I really like all your dances, although I teach at a mostly country place. I still throw in a variety of others. I like the way you teach the dances.
By the way, I teach at Cadillac Ranch in Chicago. Keep up the good work!

(28th May '09)
Hi Amy,
I just want to tell you that you rock and I believe that you are a great teacher. My father and I are musicians for private parties and on Sundays we play for the Seniors (mix with young also). Last time I was able to show them you're "Dont cha" linedance. I thought they won't be able to do it and will just criticize it because of the hiphop music, but they love it. So everytime we dance it I always mention that the line dance was choreographed by you and I tell them that you are the master of line dance all over the world. Thanks again and all the best. I hope to meet you in person.

(14th May '09) -(YouTube video of dance, Amame)
Have been trying to pick up steps for Amame and think you are a terrific teacher. I go to a class once a week but as I am getting on a bit now find it more difficult to pick up the dances. You have been a great help - you are some mover and I love watching you. Oh to be young again. Are there any other dances you have on the internet I could pick up.??
Hope you don't mind me getting in touch.
Thanks and best wishes for the future.

Hi Amy, Thanks for remembering me! Was planning on going to Judy McDonalds workshop in Canada, where you will be teaching at. But, I'm 62 years old and have screwed up my knee.I want to tell you that the ones I have talked to LOVED YOU at the Ft. Wayne event!
My beginners like your dances! They use to say -- can't do -- now they ask for " NO Can Do" lol Keep it up kiddo!!warm hug

Dear Amy,Although I have not been writing to you much, but I have been following your progress and activities on your web and Internet..

Dear, you are doing so great...I am so happy and proud of you..and Slumdog was my one of my favorite movie of this year and I had the great opportunity to attend the sneak preview premier for the movie here in Los Angeles, two months before the movie was shown citywide and nationwide..and have told everyone to go see when it comes to the neighbourhood theaters.. ...And now you have choreographed to one of the great song from there...I wish I could kiss and hug you from here...I look at the your step sheet and always, you choreograph it so fun to dance to especially to that music..I will definitely will teach my class. ...I will share with the instructors here in my area and encourage to teach this dance...Thank you Amy, always you are the tops!!With Love,

Thank you again so very, very much...May God blesses you for your kindness, generousity and brining joy to many thousands in your dances..Luv ya,

Hi AmyI am so happy to see that you choreographed a dance to Jai-Ho. I had seen some dances to this song and was wondering if you were going to write a dance. I loved Dhoom. I am also Indian. I was born in India. I am a retired Nursing Instructor and now teach Line. I live in Texas and have been in the US since '65. I want to welcome you. Bye for now.

Great movement and teaching, thankyou for sharing your great talent Amy. (YouTube video on Robbie McGowan's dance, Amame)

Hi Amy,Thanks for taking the time to reply. Many don't bother to do so these days. That's what I like about you. I can see that you make the time for people.I don't line dance at the moment but I did visit your web page many times. I've even read your blogs too. The one about your trip to India was very interesting. You're a good writer too.One of your dances which won you a championship was pretty awesome. The one with the very slow and unique hand movements. Really blew my mind away! I think linedancers are still enjoying this dance I think!You're from Singapore? Wow man! Line dancing there has certainly reached cult status! You must tell me more when you are free.Bye for nowThank you so much..

I have beginners on Monday, if they show LOLOL, and a few on Tuesday that like their dances easy easy easy... this will be perfect...I also have made my room reservations for Fort Wayne next year and have several people coming that didn't come this year... and we have been doing a lot of talking about them meeting you next year too.. this is the group that is now doing Work and One Of These Nights... and will be working on Let's Bachata... and they love them...catch you later...

THANK YOU AMY - your video on YouTube taught me this dance (Amame, by Robbie McGowan Hickie), that I love - even better than the classes I am taking. You're an awesome dancer!

What a great demo to a great dance!I just learned this dance from you and loving it. Thank you so much for sharing it. Great job and keep up the good work! - (YouTube teach video for dance, Cry To Me).

(YouTube video - Sisters!)Very catchy tune and nice dance steps. Like it very much.

Great video to learn this dance!!!
Thank you, we learned it with your help!!! - (YouTube video of the classic dance, Chill Factor)I learned how to do this song from you. Your awesome!!! Plus I taught my kids. I just wanted to

Thank you for this great Demo! - (YouTube teach video for the Cry To Me)
Subject: Re: Jai Ho by Amy Christianson I hope everyone will have a look at Amy Christianson's dance Jai Ho. Very easy dance with interesting arm movements. She also shows the dance without the arm movements. I know that's an issue with some dancers. I personally believe Amy is a very talented dancer and choreographer. Have a look at some of her dances. They are amazing.

I want to add to this post from today's Newsletter.SLUM DOG I am very pleased to see that Amy Christian -Sohn has choreographed a beginner dance to the same music as Jai Ho. Slum Dog is its name . I reading the newsletter last week, that some people were interested in new beginner dances that were very danceable.

Hat's Off! to Amy Christian-Sohn's choreography to this song Amy is Indian (born in Singapore). I checked her web site and found that she is also trained in Classical Indian Dance! besides all her other attributes in dance. I am also Indian and was looking for something a little more Indian to this song. I think Amy has bridged the gap successfully between East and West, Easy and Difficult, and finally, options with the hand movements. Having had some training in Indian dance, I think it is safe to say that it is the hand movements that tell the story of a dance. This is just by way of explanation, I realize that they are not for everyone and some of my line dance students would prefer not to do them at all. . If you like this dance you may also enjoy another one of Amy's dances, Dhoom, which also came from a very successful Indian movie I am glad that old fashioned country and western line dance is still going strong but a little diversity every now and then is refreshing. Angie in El Paso

Amy, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!! Learning it now and going to teach my students on Sunday... I'm sure they'll love it too! hahaha! Jai Ho!!

I really like Jai Ho......I am positive that this dance will be popular in the all ld communities. Glad that I learnt from you in the Canadian Classic. Toronto is dancing already. See u in Boston !

I went to the workshop in Canada this past weekend,and I talked to you about the dance Jai Ho and you said just to e-mail you and let you know and would send the cd. I just love that dance if you could send it to me I would be grateful. Thank-you . You were a great,

(YouTube video - Sisters!) I love watching you Amy. Great dance!!

hI Amy !thank you very very much for your working !I can know dance it without any problem ! you can be proud of yourself ! thanx alllllllllllllllot (YouTube video of Amame, dance by Robbie McGowa Hickie)

"Amy, just to let you know, Forty Arroyo just taught Jai Ho to her Friday night class and did a great job at getting the feel ytou were looking for (although 2 of us who took your class gave her a few pointers). Louie St. George most likely will be asking her to teach his class next. This dance is going places. Great work!"

Hey There Amy.Friday night I dance with Forty Arroyo at the Hayloft in Sturbridge, MA. Last night we had a blast with "Amy" dances. Forty taught Jai Ho, One of These Nights and Feel the Cha (?? - I hope I remembered that correctly). We had a great time. Forty loves your dances and so do we.Can't wait to see you again.Blessings Be!

Dear Amy,It's been a week after the showdown. Just want to send a note and thanks for the Jai Ho dance lesson. I truly enjoyed the dance. I struggled with the steps but loving it. If you recalled, I spoke with you about where I live have no instructor comes to the event (Westchester, NY) and probably will never teach Jai Ho. Anyway, let me introduce myself. My name is Winnie Yiu-Kuntz from Valhalla, New York. Well, thanks again. Maybe we'll meet again next year.Sincerely

Hi, Amy, I like the dance Keeps Getting Better very much. The music and dance is very lively. Can you send me the stepsheet? Actually I am so greedy to share all your dances like Long Train Runnin, One Of These Nights, Feel The Cha, No can Do and When I grow Up. Thanks in advance. Regards

"Loved taking your class on Jai Ho in Boston, and dancing it with you that evening! It is one of my favorite dances, as well as my friends, and are now dancing it in our area. We've been hooked on your style since Feels So Good!!!

"Excellent dancer easy to follow keep them coming thanks alot (YouTube video of Robbie McGowan Hickie's dance, Amame)

You are a life saver. Thank you so much for explaining/teaching the this dance. I can now follow the steps. (YouTube video of Amor De Hielo)

Hello, I really enjoyed your videos. I love your creative juices, very nice and well done. Keep dancin and maybe soon we can share the craft with each other. Until then, I will be Jus Dancin and I hope you will do the same. Good luck to ya.

i love the indian touch to this line dance :) i've browsed through a lot of steps for jai ho but this one definitely rocks! love it!!! thanks a lot Amy...

(by Youtube video of the dance, Sisters!)

In reality - a 'themed' (spoken) dance. Maybe a little too theatrical for some - but I love it. Go for it, Sister.

I just love that dance (Jai Ho). Thank-you. You were a great teacher.