Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Feedback on my new dance - Jai Ho


1) Looks fun - I think everyone should wear Indian dress while doing it - adds to the flair –hehe

2)No, I don't think it's too much. I think the timing is better for this dance than it was for Dhoom because of the popularity of the movie. People may be ready for it this time. Thanks for sharing.

3) I like the one with the arms better. I don't think you should compromise. You had a vision of what you wanted to do with the Indian influences and I think you should go for it.

4) I think this is really quite cool. You look adorable doing it, of course, and not sure that I could even do it myownself, but would worry a bit about the very full dance floors with people wacking one another as they stretch arms out. Lol

5) While this one might be more palatable for the largest percentage of dancers, I would teach it this way and put the rest of the arms in as alternative moves for those who really wanna get into it. :-) Cute.

6) OK I know I haven't seen the dance, but 16 sequence changes !! I think if there is going to be that many A- parts why not call it a different letter ?? I like a lot of your dances, but this seems a little much to teach, I could be wrong, it has happened a couple of times in my life. However as always best of luck with your new dance.

7) OMG! Love it could I have the mp3 for song

8) Hi Amy,
I have downloaded both videos and watched them... cute dances.. will play them tomorrow for the group on thursday and see what they think.. good luck with them.. really like the music... different and happy... *S* thank you for sharing it with me.. *S*


10) Yes, I do like this one better, since the steps are easy the arm movements dresses it up!

11) Hi Amy, I’m sure this one ill be a hit, just like your Dhoom Dhoom.

12) Kool Dance, Amy!!!

13) "Amy - I just watched the YouTube of your new dance, its very cool! I love the arm movements...I see this as a favorite on the dance floors very, very soon :)"

14) I love It! High energy, easy steps and looks like a fun dance for intermediates/beginners. True for beginners, some of my students cannot do two things at once (arms and feet)and may need to leave them out. but I love the music, beat and the arms are fun! Of course this is doing it in my chair, I hope I can keep it up to the end when dancing it! I'll try the moves later and let you know.

15) Aloha, Amy,
Thank you so much. I love it!!!

16) Hey Amy!
I love that dance. Will be teaching that dance soon in my class.

17)Dear Amy,
Although I have not been writing to you much, but I have been following your progress and activities on your web and Internet..Dear, you are doing so great...I am so happy and proud of you..and Slumdog was my one of my favorite movie of this year and I had the great opportunity to attend the sneak preview premier for the movie here in Los Angeles, two months before the movie was shown citywide and nationwide..and have told everyone to go see when it comes to the neighbourhood theaters.. ...And now you have choreographed to one of the great song from there...I wish I could kiss and hug you from here...I look at the your step sheet and always, you choreograph it so fun to dance to especially to that music..I will definitely will teach my class. I will share with the instructors here in my area and encourage to teach this dance...Thank you Amy, always you are the tops!!

18) Subject: Re: Jai Ho by Amy Christianson I hope everyone will have a look at Amy Christianson's dance Jai Ho. Very easy dance with interesting arm movements. She also shows the dance without the arm movements. I know that's an issue with some dancers. I personally believe Amy is a very talented dancer and choreographer. Have a look at some of her dances. They are amazing.I want to add to this post form today's Newsletter.SLUM DOG I am very pleased to see that Amy Christian -Sohn has choreographed a beginner dance to the same music as Jai Ho. Slum Dog is its name . I reading the newsletter last week, that some people were interested in new beginner dances that were very danceable. Slum Dog Slum Dog with walk through *****************

19) Hat's Off! to Amy Christian-Sohn's choreography to this song Amy is Indian (born in Singapore). I checked her web site and found that she is also trained in Classical Indian Dance! besides all her other attributes in dance. I am also Indian and was looking for something a little more Indian to this song. I think Amy has bridged the gap successfully between East and West, Easy and Difficult, and finally, options with the hand movements. Having had some training in Indian dance, I think it is safe to say that it is the hand movements that tell the story of a dance. This is just by way of explanation, I realize that they are not for everyone and some of my line dance students would prefer not to do them at all. . If you like this dance you may also enjoy another one of Amy's dances, Dhoom, which also came from a very successful Indian movie I am glad that old fashioned country and western line dance is still going strong but a little diversity every now and then is refreshing. Angie in El Paso

20) AmyI ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!!!!Learning it now and going to teach my students on Sunday... I'm sure they'll love it too! hahaha

21) I really like Jai Ho......I am positive that this dance will be popular in the all ld communities. Glad that I learnt from you in the Canadian Classic. Toronto is dancing already. See u in Boston !

22) Amy Christian-Sohn taught a new dance of hers Jai Ho. It’s a phrased, Intermediate dance done to Jai Ho from the Pussycat Dolls. It’s a dance that has an Indian touch to it. Nice dance that seems to go with the music very well with optional arm movements. Check out her site for more details. Another dance not as bad as it seems when you first see it.

23) Hey Amy! I had a really fantastic time in your "Jai Ho" class at the showdown...definitely one of my faves of the weekend. Thanks for making it fun!

24) Hey Amy! I absolutely loved your Jai Ho workshop @ the showdown! My sister and I used that handout last night to practice and we just couldnt stop! My new favorite line dance, I can't wait to show it off @ the line dancing club! Thank you so much! Will you be teaching again next year?

25) Hey There Amy! Took your class at the Showdown in Framingham. Loved it! Love this dance. Peace

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